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You might be looking to quickly convert gold for cash, and Larry does that for people every day, but he also looks out for you by making sure that you are getting the fairest price for your gold or silver.  A lot of other gold buyers are simply looking to figure out how desperate you are and how much advantage they can take of you.

Larry, on the other hand, hopes to make you really happy in your transaction so that you will recommend your friends, or come back again to either buy or sell gold.

So, remember this about Sierra Coin: we buy gold.  But we do it fairly and honestly.  This is a totally different thing from dealing with those guys that call themselves gold buyers at the mall.  They will rip you off blind!

Sierra Coin is also different from those Northern Nevada coin dealer places that have high overhead and expensive locations that look like converted pawn shops (hint).  Larry operates out of a modest office location with no fancy neon lights and bright jewelry store cases (and the electric bill to light up all that pretentious glamour).

Call Larry today.  He will tell you if he can help you.  Meet with him and he will give you a fair offer for what you have.  And he can convert gold to cash immediately.

We Pay Cash for Gold

We pay cash for gold.  And we pay top dollar. Sierra Coin has been around for over forty years.  That is how you become the best company that pays cash for gold in the area.  So, make the call – your gold is not going to sell itself!

Do you want to get an idea over the phone?  Try us.  You can call our competitors – they won’t give you any idea what you can get for the gold you want to sell – but Larry at Sierra Coin can tell you, if you have something normally traded like gold coins, rounds, etc.  And that’s what you want to know, right?  How much will we pay in cash for gold you have.

Are you wondering how to make sure you get the maximum cash for gold value? Check out Cash for Gold: Primer on getting the maximum value when you sell.

We’ve seen it all.  Dental gold, bullion bars, rounds, raw gold from mines and dredging in rivers.  Forty years worth of surprises.  I’m just waiting for someone to show up with a titanium hip!

We are the real deal. Real LOCAL GOLD BUYERS.

Reno Local Gold Buyers, if I was a great singer (I am really terrible), I would write a song about it.  And it would not be a love song.  It would be a rock ballad on the subject.  Why?  Because they are popping up like they are in a whirly pop!  Why are they popping up?  It’s pretty simple really – they see the potential in buying gold from you at the lowest possible price, and then selling it for 10 to 10% over spot price to someone else.  And they can sniff out desperation a mile away.  And if you are desperate and uninformed?  Whew! You are going to get ripped off!

But that’s not the way that Larry at Sierra Coin operates.  He is a straight shooter and will give you the best price for the gold you want to sell.  He’s been a local gold buyer for over forty years and has a massive clientele that keeps coming back to him when they want to sell their gold.

Of all the places that buy gold, pawn shops in Reno NV are the worst!

If you have gold or silver to sell, you really need to be careful to make sure you’re getting the most that you can.  Of all the places that buy gold, in general, pawn shops are the worst places you could deal with.  Let me explain why:  pawn shops are looking to find out how desperate you are and then use your desperateness against you in order to manipulate you into giving away as much as possible.  They do this day in and day out with everyone that enters their stores.  They want to hear your sob story.  They want to know why you want to sell.  Not because they’re empathetic or care for you as a person.  No, they want to see how far down they can push you in order to create the most margin for themselves.

Look, I would like to tell you that the best places that buy gold is Sierra Coin in Reno NV.  Larry is very sincere and will be very upfront with you on the value of selling scrap gold to him.  I’ve seen him discuss the margins openly with sellers.  Explaining exactly what the buyers will pay, and what he will make in the middle.

Would I recommend that you check offers of other places that buy gold in Reno?  Sure.  But watch them closely as you talk with them.  Listen for questions that they might be asking to size you up and the level of your desperation.  Larry at Sierra Coin is a very honest guy – and some of the other places that buy gold near me are also honest and show signs of integrity, so I won’t say that Sierra Coin is the only honest of places that buy gold in Reno – but to me, he is the best.

Reno Pawn Shops acting as places that buy gold

Most of the downtown pawnshops will buy your scrap gold.  Just remember that they may not be experts as to the value of your scrap gold.  Sometimes, they’ll consider things to be scrap that aren’t really scrapped. Like rounds.  Rounds are pieces of gold or silver that are cut to precise weight as a way to trade silver or gold.  So, you can find 1oz rounds, sometimes 1/2oz rounds, or even 1/4 or 1/10 ounce rounds.  These are not scrap.  They are valuable because they are very pure.  Don’t ever sell them as ‘scrap’.  If any pawnshop acts as though they’re one of the best places that buy gold in Reno and they treat rounds as scrap, get the hell out of there!

What makes Sierra Coin one of the best places that buy gold?

First and foremost, integrity.  Larry believes in always being fair and creating a win-win situation.  He wants you to be comfortable with him, come back to him again if you need to, and recommend other people to him.  He knows that won’t happen if you don’t feel that your dealings with him were unfair.

Another great thing about Sierra Coin is that it is a very low-cost operation.  Sierra Coin is not spending thousands of dollars per month on high overhead retail space.  So Larry does not have to jack up his margins to cover those high costs.

Last thing – Larry is just a nice guy.  He’s easy-going.  He loves to give you details.  And he’s never in a rush to get you out the door.  You can take your time and even learn a thing or two about precious metals and life in general from Larry.

We Buy Gold! And we pay top dollar!


We buy gold.  So do a lot of other people.  But the difference here is Larry.  If everyone had Larry, the companies that buy gold would be much better.  Larry owns Sierra Coin, and he is ‘the gold guy’.  With over forty years in dealing in gold, gold coins, and other precious metals. So he’s got a super reputation that goes way before Yelp, or YP, or any review sites on the Internet.  Sierra Coin has clients that come back time and time again because they know that Larry is going to ‘do right by them’.

Do you want more for you gold?  Call Larry.  He keeps his overhead low so that he is not trying to make up for a huge nut that he needs to hit to pay for like the cost of a massive retail frontage and neon lights.  Do you want to pay for that stuff?  Of course not.

Sierra Coin buys gold in their office location.  Low profile. Low cost. Low margins. We buy gold for more than the other gold buyers in Reno.


So, you need to talk to Larry.  He will give you the real story and make sure that when you deal with him – you will be thrilled to have made a deal with him.  Call Larry today – he’ll pick up the phone.

What We Buy

Jewelry is nearly 70% of the demand for gold. Jewelers selling their gold scrap contribute to a large amount of gold that goes back in  the market each year through precious metal recycling. Roughly 15% of gold used is for industrial use.  And the rest is mostly used for investment gold such as bullion and rounds.

Gold recycling can be from many different sources.  We buy gold in these forms all the time:

  • Jewelry
  • American Eagles
  • Krugerrands (South Africa)
  • Canadian Maple Leaves
  • Liberty Heads
  • Gold Sovereigns
  • Fillings
  • Polishing material
  • Industrial byproducts
  • Aerospace components
  • Military
  • And more

Ready to Sell Your Gold?

We are ready to deal with companies that have ongoing gold to sell – or we buy gold from individuals that have small quantities that they’d like to turn over for ready cash.  Call us today to discuss your needs.

We buy silver nearly everyday.

Siver, although not as valuable as gold, is traded nearly as much as gold in the markets. And a lot of people have silver to sell.  So, we have become a very large broker of silver. In fact, one of Reno’s largest silver dealers. And we do it all from our tiny offices on Mill Street in Reno.

You wouldn’t believe all the forms of silver that we buy.  We have seen everything from collectible silver coins to house fixtures!  We love to buy scrap silver.  So show us what you’ve got.

So if you want to sell silver, of any form, call us to discuss what you have.  We pay top cash for sterling silver. Sierra Coin has a well established clients and is able to buy your silver for it’s value as tableware not scrap silver like most buyers. We are knowledgeable in both antique and modern sterling silver flatware and table items.

We buy Silver Coins of any quality

Before 1964, many US coins, including dimes, quarters and half dollars were made of silver.  Not pure silver, but 90%. If you have silver dimes, quarters and half dollars, we pay cash for these coins all the time. Usually, these are not collector grade, and sometimes are bought and sold in bagfuls.  We don’t care!  It’s silver content that gives them value now.

We pay cash for silver coins:

  • Roosevelt dimes (1946-1964)
  • Mercury dimes (1916-1945)
  • Washington quarters (1932-1964)
  • 1964 Kennedy half dollars
  • Franklin half dollars (1948-1963)
  • Walking Liberty half dollars (1916-1947)

#1 Reno Silver Morgan Dollar Buyers

At Sierra Coin we love to purchase Morgan Dollars! We offer more money for Morgan Dollars than any of our competitors. If you have only one coin or any sized collection, we will extend an immediate cash offer that is better than anyone else in Reno. How can we do this? We have developed a reputation as the Morgan Dollar experts in Northern Nevada. We buy so many Morgan Dollars that we don’t need to make a lot of money from each purchase. We have numismatics willing to pay top dollar and we move them quickly to our waiting clients and therefore can give you more money for Morgan Dollars than anybody in the Greater Reno Sparks area.


Sierra Coin is the best of the Reno gold buyers.
Who says so?  Our clients!


We are the top rated of all Reno gold buyers.  It’s not hard to figure out why.  We have been buying and selling gold in Reno for over forty years!  And we have a loyal following of clients that like to use us as the broker to buy and sell gold and other precious metals, over and over.

That’s because Sierra Coin is run by Larry Demangate. And Larry insists on doing business with honesty, integrity, and by sharing knowledge.  You see, many of the Reno gold buyers are looking for desperate situations.  And as soon as they figure that you are in desperate need to sell your gold, they immediately make ridiculous offers based on you – not the value of what you are selling.  Larry does not do business that way.  He examines what you want to sell and compares it to the spot metal gold prices for that day, and makes you a fair offer with a reasonable margin for his time and effort to gold broker the metals out. That is the fair and honest way to do business.

So, if you want to see the difference between Sierra Coin and any other Reno gold buyers – call around. Watch for the questions that always come up from the shady dealers, such as “why are you selling this?” and statements like “well, if you want to sell gold today, I can only give you…”  I’m telling you – they are not gold market price driven.  They are looking only to see how much margin they can push by lowering what you will take for selling your gold.

Now, compare that to Larry at Sierra Coin:  Larry will be personable and informative.  But, he will look at the value of the gold you want to sell.  Then he will pull the current US gold prices and he will calculate a small percentage off of that for his profit.  Then he will make you the offer.  He won’t pressure you. He won’t make up stories about how you’ll struggle to sell your gold.

A great example was someone that came to Larry with a gold one ounce Krugerrand.  Larry told him that the coin was worth $1500.  The guy freaked.  He said that he had gone to 3 places downtown that said ‘there was not much of a market for krugerrands” and one offered him $950 and the other offered $750.  He knew that gold had a per ounce price much higher than that, but he needed to make rent – so he almost took the $950.  But he looked up ‘reno gold buyers’ on Google on his phone, and called Larry.  Larry told him over the phone what the gold coin was worth.  So – happy ending.  And the gentleman knew now, that if he was going to sell another from his collection, he had a friend that is an honest Reno gold buyer that he could trust.

Now you know.  There is a difference in Reno gold buyers.  The difference can make a huge difference in the amount of cash you get when selling your gold and precious coins. 


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Bring your pre-1964 silver coins to Sierra Coin to have them appraised. We offer the best prices when we buy and sell rare coins, so call us today!