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Gold Buyers Near Me

Yeah, I went there. Having a page called Gold buyers near me makes it so funny to think of what we need to do in order to help people find us. I could write a pretty healthy book on working with ‘search’. So, let’s talk about Gold Buyers. I’m not going to shy away from pointing out what you should watch out for when you look for gold brokers to sell gold to. My logic is simple – if you understand everyone’s motivation regarding buying and selling gold, you will want to deal with Sierra Coin over any other gold buyers near you.

Here’s the scoop – if you sell your gold to a creepy guy with a kiosk in the mall – you are not going to get top dollar in your trade. I promise you that. We sent someone to the mall with a $3000 gold chain. The schmuck at the gold kiosk in the mall sensed desperateness in our ‘plant’. So he offered her $120. When she balked, he countered at $175 and stated that it could not be worth much more than that. What a dirtbag! A piece of gold jewelry worth $3000 and he was saying his maximum was $175.

Don’t deal with someone like that. Deal with Larry at Sierra Coin. He is honest, fair, and wants to make you happy with the deal you make. Sierra Coin is the best of ‘gold buyers near me’.

Investing a little extra time to check the value with Larry rather than somebody that you found by searching for ‘gold buyers near me’.

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