Gold is doing something odd that is has not done since 1998

Gold is doing something odd that is has not done since 1998


Are we seriously seeing this? Some are saying that it is not the time to buy gold – unless it goes to $1000 an ounce or lower. Really?
Are we expecting that it will dip that low? If you are sitting on gold that you don’t have to sell – you may be hanging on for a long time. But, if the analysts are correct, selling gold now is probably better than selling gold a few months from now.

Gold seems to have been on a erratic fall ever since Obama got a second term in office. I don’t think it’s all as ‘economy driven’ as people think. With the current rate of inflation, the instability in the World economies, and the over printing of currencies, you’d think that it would add up to increases in metals values. But no. So I think that it’s time to buy like crazy. The talking heads in the video above would lead you to believe that the economy has a rosy outlook right now. I’m not so sure.

I won’t slow down on my purchases of precious metals. The market may be weird – but the economy still demands metals. And I don’t have to sit on inventory either. Gold buyers are buying. So I think they know more than the media pinheads.

I don’t know the answer! I would think that with the global instability, gold would be skyrocketing. As someone that buys gold for cash everyday, this is not a great situation for me. How do you see it? What do you think is the best play for now? I would love to hear your opinion.



Larry Demangate is the owner of Sierra Coin. A gold buyer in Reno for over forty years. You can reach Larry in his office at (775) 241-4120. If you have precious metals that you’d like to sell, we are prepared to offer top dollar for gold coins, rounds, and bullion.