Local Gold Buyers

(775) 673-1011

Local Gold Buyers, if I was a great singer (I am really terrible), I would write a song about it. And it would not be a love song. It would be a rock ballad on the subject. Why? Because they are popping up like they are in a whirly pop! Why are they popping up? It’s pretty simple really – they see the potential in buying gold from you at the lowest possible price, and then selling it for 10 to 10% over spot price to someone else. And they can sniff out desperation a mile away. And if you are desperate and uninformed? Whew! You are going to get ripped off!

But that’s not the way that Larry at Sierra Coin operates. He is a straight shooter and will give you the best price for the gold you want to sell. He’s been a local gold buyer for over forty years and has a massive clientele that keeps coming back to him when they want to sell their gold.


So, you need to talk to Larry. He will give you the real story and make sure that when you deal with him – you will be thrilled to have made a deal with him. Call Larry today – he’ll pick up the phone.