Of all the places that buy gold, pawn shops in Reno NV are the worst!

If you have gold or silver to sell, you really need to be careful to make sure you’re getting the most that you can. Of all the places that buy gold, in general, pawn shops are the worst places you could deal with. Let me explain why: pawn shops are looking to find out how desperate you are and then use your desperateness against you in order to manipulate you into giving away as much as possible. They do this day in and day out with everyone that enters their stores. They want to hear your sob story. They want to know why you want to sell. Not because they’re empathetic or care for you as a person. No, they want to see how far down they can push you in order to create the most margin for themselves.

Look, I would like to tell you that the best places that buy gold is Sierra Coin in Reno NV. Larry is very sincere and will be very upfront with you on the value of selling scrap gold to him. I’ve seen him discuss the margins openly with sellers. Explaining exactly what the buyers will pay, and what he will make in the middle.

Would I recommend that you check offers of other places that buy gold in Reno? Sure. But watch them closely as you talk with them. Listen for questions that they might be asking to size you up and the level of your desperation. Larry at Sierra Coin is a very honest guy – and some of the other places that buy gold near me are also honest and show signs of integrity, so I won’t say that Sierra Coin is the only honest of places that buy gold in Reno – but to me, he is the best.

Reno Pawn Shops acting as places that buy gold

Most of the downtown pawnshops will buy your scrap gold. Just remember that they may not be experts as to the value of your scrap gold. Sometimes, they’ll consider things to be scrap that aren’t really scrap. Like rounds. Rounds are pieces of gold or silver that are cut to precise weight as a way to trade silver or gold. So, you can find 1oz rounds, sometimes 1/2oz rounds, or even 1/4 or 1/10 ounce rounds. These are not scrap. They are valuable because they are very pure. Don’t ever sell them as ‘scrap’. If any pawnshop acts as though they’re one of the best places that buy gold in Reno and they treat rounds as scrap, get the hell out of there!

What makes Sierra Coin one of the best places that buy gold?

First and foremost, integrity. Larry believes in always being fair and creating a win-win situation. He wants you to be comfortable with him, come back to him again if you need to, and recommend other people to him. He knows that won’t happen if you don’t feel that your dealings with him were unfair.

Another great thing about Sierra Coin is that it is a very low cost operation. Sierra Coin is not spending thousands of dollars per month on high overhead retail space. So Larry does not have to jack up his margins to cover those high costs.

Last thing – Larry is just a nice guy. He’s easy going. He loves to give you details. And he’s never in a rush to get you out the door. You can take your time and even learn a thing or two about precious metals and life in general from Larry.

Closing note

Larry did not write this. I am writing this as a third party. I’ve bought and sold gold, silver, and precious metals with Larry for about 10 years. So, I am more than just a guy that built his website and helps him advertise – I am a guy that truly knows that Sierra Coin is the best of the places that buy gold in Reno.