Sierra Coin is the best of the Reno gold buyers.
Who says so? Our clients!

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We are the top rated of all Reno gold buyers. It’s not hard to figure out why. We have been buying and selling gold in Reno for over forty years! And we have a loyal following of clients that like to use us as the broker to buy and sell gold and other precious metals, over and over.

That’s because Sierra Coin is run by Larry Demangate. And Larry insists on doing business with honesty, integrity, and by sharing knowledge. You see, many of the Reno gold buyers are looking for desperate situations. And as soon as they figure that you are in desperate need to sell your gold, they immediately make ridiculous offers based on you – not the value of what you are selling. Larry does not do business that way. He examines what you want to sell and compares it to the spot metal gold prices for that day, and makes you a fair offer with a reasonable margin for his time and effort to gold broker the metals out. That is the fair and honest way to do business.

So, if you want to see the difference between Sierra Coin and any other Reno gold buyers – call around. Watch for the questions that always come up from the shady dealers, such as “why are you selling this?” and statements like “well, if you want to sell gold today, I can only give you…” I’m telling you – they are not gold market price driven. They are looking only to see how much margin they can push by lowering what you will take for selling your gold.

Now, compare that to Larry at Sierra Coin: Larry will be personable and informative. But, he will look at the value of the
gold you want to sell. Then he will pull the current US gold prices and he will calculate a small percentage off of that for his profit. Then he will make you the offer. He won’t pressure you. He won’t make up stories about how you’ll struggle to sell your gold.

A great example was someone that came to Larry with a gold one ounce Krugerrand. Larry told him that the coin was worth $1500. The guy freaked. He said that he had gone to 3 places downtown that said ‘there was not much of a market for krugerrands” and one offered him $950 and the other offered $750. He knew that gold had a per ounce price much higher than that, but he needed to make rent – so he almost took the $950. But he looked up ‘reno gold buyers’ on Google on his phone, and called Larry. Larry told him over the phone what the gold coin was worth. So – happy ending. And the gentleman knew now, that if he was going to sell another from his collection, he had a friend that is an honest Reno gold buyer that he could trust.

Now you know. There is a difference in Reno gold buyers. The difference can make a huge difference in the amount of cash you get when selling your gold and precious coins. Call Larry at (775) 241-4120 to set up a time to meet.

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