Gold Coin Dealers in Reno

Sierra Coin is the area’s oldest, most trusted, and highest rated, of Reno gold coin dealers. It’s pretty simple. When you’ve been buying and selling gold in Reno for over forty years, you understand what does and does not work. You know what works? Honesty, integrity, and giving people a fair deal every time. You know what also works? Being informative. Yep. And we really are. We enjoy taking the time to answer your questions and quell your concerns with honest feedback.
As Reno’s premiere gold coin dealers, we have connections that are willing to pay top dollar for any gold coins that we can come up with. So if you have gold coins for sale, we have gold buyers ready to go.

The best way to deal with Reno Gold Coin Dealers

You know, everyone of our competitors is likely to treat you differently. You might be tempted to go to one of these (or even several of them) to see how you’ll do and how much they’ll give you for your gold coins. Reno Gold Buyers fall into different three categories – gold buyers that are looking to find out how desperate you are and will utilize that knowledge to take advantage of you. There are also gold buyers in Reno that simply don’t know what they are doing – and could under or over estimate the value of what you want to sell. We are neither of those. We are the third kind – we are Reno Gold Dealers that know what we are doing AND we are out to do a fair deal. We want to offer you a realistic value for gold coins that you want to sell.

Gold prices are very volatile right now. Selling means that you’re making a decision to have cash over gold. as the fairest of the coin dealers in Reno, I might advise you to sell immediately, or to hang onto your gold or coins and wait for another market spike. Advice on selling gold changes as frequently as the market does. Don’t let anyone low-ball you on your pricing. Being desperate can cause you to make a rash decision and sell your gold for less. We don’t want to take advantage of anyone – but that’s not to say that our competitors won’t. There are some pretty douchy gold buyers in Reno. We really hope that you won’t ever deal with them. Again, we stress honesty and fairness when we are buying gold. Check us out. Sierra Coin has a long history of happy clients as we are one of the oldest coin dealers in all of Northern Nevada.

So, if you want to sell your coins for cash, give Larry a call and set a time to come see him. He will take time to advise you, not just offer you a price.