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Do you want to sell gold? If you want to make sure you are getting the fairest price, call us anytime and we can discuss what you have and what kind of value it actually has.

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I’ll probably start to sound like a broken record (if you read all of our web pages) – but Sierra Coin is the super fair gold dealer that can help to assure that you don’t get ripped off. Don’t be suckered in by fancy retail locations or claims of super high values of your gold. Be smart when you sell gold – take a little more time and make sure that the dealer has your best interest at heart. Really. A fair deal is where the dealer is going to have a small margin buying it from you and then makes a small margin selling it to a buyer.

Call Larry at Sierra Coin and talk it out. He will ask you about what you have, and even tell you what he can pay you for it – right over the phone. Then you can set an appointment so that he can verify the gold you want to sell. Barring no issues, he will then hand you cash.

If you want to sell gold in Reno, you need to know that not all gold dealers are the same. Many are looking to take advantage of you. Watch for the questions you get about ‘why you are selling your gold’. If you get this question and you say something like “I need to make rent”, the buyer is going to offer you a very low value for your gold. When you sell gold with Larry at Sierra Coin, Larry will be social with you – but he’s not going to ask you questions to purposely find out if you are desperate to sell your gold. He is simply going to give you the best price for your gold based on the current spot price for gold that day. Simple. Fair. Not manipulative.


CLICK TO CALL (775)241-4120

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