Sparks Marina in Sparks, Nevada

Sparks, Nevada is a city that nestles up to Reno, Nevada. Originally built as a railroad town by Southern Pacific Railroad when they moved their switch yard there from Wadsworth. They actually gave the employees who needed to move a fifty foot by one-hundred-and-forty-foot lot for one dollar. They even moved the homes that were in Wadsworth and reassembled them at no cost.

Sparks Marina Sparks NevadaToday the population of Sparks, as of 2017, is a little over one hundred thousand people. One of the favorite places for the residents to go in the summer is the Sparks Marina. This beautiful lake has a naturally occurring aquifer that brings in two to three million gallons of fresh water daily. It is estimated that there is about one billion gallons of water in the lake.

Sparks Marina was originally a giant quarry which supplied construction material until it was contaminated by an oil tank farm in the late 1980’s. After it was decontaminated, the City of Sparks purchased the land with the intent to create the lake and turn it into a park. Fortunately, there was a flood in 1997 that helped fill the lake.

The lake caters to wind surfers, sailors, fishing, scuba diving and small craft boating. To make the scuba diving interesting they sunk an airplane and a tank in the deepest part of the lake which is about sixty feet.

My friend who owns Sierra Coin loves to walk around the lake and take in the sites.