We buy silver nearly everyday.

Siver, although not as valuable as gold, is traded nearly as much as gold in the markets. And a lot of people have silver to sell. So, we have become a very large broker of silver. In fact, one of Reno’s largest silver dealers. And we do it all from our tiny offices on Mill Street in Reno.

You wouldn’t believe all the forms of silver that we buy. We have seen everything from collectible silver coins to house fixtures! We love to buy scrap silver. So show us what you’ve got.

So if you want to sell silver, of any form, call us to discuss what you have. We pay top cash for sterling silver. Sierra Coin has a well established clients and is able to buy your silver for it’s value as tableware not scrap silver like most buyers. We are knowledgeable in both antique and modern sterling silver flatware and table items.

We buy Silver Coins of any quality

Before 1964, many US coins, including dimes, quarters and half dollars were made of silver. Not pure silver, but 90%. If you have silver dimes, quarters and half dollars, we pay cash for these coins all the time. Usually, these are not collector grade, and sometimes are bought and sold in bagfuls. We don’t care! It’s silver content that gives them value now.

We pay cash for silver coins:

  • Roosevelt dimes (1946-1964)
  • Mercury dimes (1916-1945)
  • Washington quarters (1932-1964)
  • 1964 Kennedy half dollars
  • Franklin half dollars (1948-1963)
  • Walking Liberty half dollars (1916-1947)


#1 Reno Silver Morgan Dollar Buyers

At Sierra Coin we love to purchase Morgan Dollars! We offer more money for Morgan Dollars than any of our competitors. If you have only one coin or any sized collection, we will extend an immediate cash offer that is better than anyone else in Reno. How can we do this? We have developed a reputation as the Morgan Dollar experts in Northern Nevada. We buy so many Morgan Dollars that we don’t need to make a lot of money from each purchase. We have numismatics willing to pay top dollar and we move them quickly to our waiting clients and therefore can give you more money for Morgan Dollars than anybody in the Greater Reno Sparks area.

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Bring your pre-1964 silver coins to Sierra Coin to have them appraised. We offer the best prices when we buy and sell rare coins, so call us today!